Networking is not for amateurs

When I first launched my business, I had it all wrong. I was living by the credo introduced in "Field of Dreams": If you build it, they will come. I figured that I would go out to networking events and just end up meeting people who would naturally need my services and become clients. I just needed Read More

Facilitating introductions to pay it forward

As a business owner, I am out on the local networking scene on a regular basis, going to old and new events weekly to meet people and see friends. When I go out, new people naturally gravitate to me to find out what I do because I am wearing scrubs and a stethoscope. So, because that happens, I make Read More

Noun-verb agreement debate

Yesterday I started a fan page on Facebook. My overview on there is similar to the overview on this Web site: "The Grammar Doctors provides strategic marketing copywriting and copyediting to differentiate clients through well-chosen words." After posting it up, both @failtracker and @mousetrap Read More

Time management skills

This past weekend I attended a seminar about keeping a business venture on track during this new economy ( As a business owner, I attend many such seminars and presentations, but for whatever reason, this one really resonated with me. The first speaker suggested doing a Read More

What’s Your Blogging Strategy?

I'm going to go out on a thin branch of a limb here and assume that you know the value inherent in blogging for your business. It should be an integral component of your networking / business-building strategy. If it's not, you might have bigger fish to fry! Unfortunately - but not surprisingly - Read More